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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

(6.2.25) Vasya Koot ( Kundli Milan)

Vashya Dosh / Vashya Koot  (Kundali Milan)

In vedic astrology kundli milan is considered to be a necessary factor for a happy and successful marriage. While kundli milan, eight factors are considered. Vasya koot is also one of these eight factors.
Points assigned - Two points.
The base of Vasya - Birth signs of both the boy and the girl.
Important things - 
To know whether Vasya dosh exists or not, the birth signs are divided into five categories. The five categories are as follow -
A. Two legged ( maanav or human ) the rashis or birth signs like Mithun, Kanya, Tula, Dhanu and Kumbh come under this category.
B. Four legged ( chatushapad ) creatures - the persons whose birth signs is Mesh and Virshabh come under this category.
C. Creatures of water ( jalchar ) - the persons whose rashis Kark, Makar and Meen, come under this category.
D. Insect ( keet ) - The persons whose rashi is Vrishchik, come under this category.
E. Creatures of jungle ( vanchar ) - The persons whose birth sign is Singh, come under this category.
The result or effect of Vasya dosh - 
1. The same Vasya of the boy and the girl is considered as the best situation and for situation whlie kundli matching, two points are assigned.
2. If there exists Vasya dosh, it may have the bad effect on the mutual relationship of husband and wife unless the parihar or remedy or exception is available.
Exception or parihar of Vasya dosh - 
Vasya dosh is nullified or its intensity becomes low -
> If the rashi swamis ( the lords of the birth signs ) of both the var ( boy ) and vadhu ( girl ) is one and the same or there is mutual friendship between them, it is the parihar of Vasya dosh.
> If the Navanshesh ( the lords of the Navansh ) of both the var and the vadhu, is one and the same or there is mutual friendship between them, it is the parihar of Vasya dosh.
> If there is Yoni friendship of the var and the vadhu, it is parihar of Vasya dosh.
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