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Sunday, April 12, 2015

(9.4.6) RTE Rajasthan Disha Nirdesh 2016-2017 (rte act rajasthan)

Right to Education Act (rte) - Disha Nirdesh (Directions and instructions) for the schools for the academic session 2016 - 2017

The Director of Elementary Education Rajasthan ( Govt. of Rajasthan) has issued the Disha Nierdesh ( in the form of directions and instructions) for the schools situated in Rajasthan. These disha Nirdesh are the guide lines for the proper execution of the Right to Education Act.
The circular of Disha Nirdesh has four chapters and some annexture.
The first chapter is of introductory nature.
In the second chapter, there is the detail process and instructions for the admission of the students in the schools. Dates have been prescribed for the steps of admission process.
In the chapter third, there are the directions and instructions for the Nhautik Satyapan Prakriya ( Physical verification process).
in the fourth chapter, there is the process of reimbursement of fees etc.
Besides these things, there are some annextures also which have important things to be kept in mind.
For other detail - 
Note - For detail Disha Nirdesh / Directions click here.
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