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Thursday, May 7, 2015

(10.6.4) Ravivaar Vrat

Ravivaar Vrat - A Vrat on Sunday

The fast on Sunday is dedicated to Sun.
When to start Ravivaar Vrat -
This Vrat is started from the first Sunday in the Shukla Paksh of any month. This Vrat should be observed for one year.
Process of Vrat -
The person who observes Ravivaar Vrat should get up early in the morning. After having a bath he/she should offer Arghya to Sun god through proper process and then he/she should sit on a piece of woollen cloth facing east and chant the Mantra ' ॐ घृणि: सूर्याय नमः ' ( Om Ghrinah Suryaay Namah ) for at least 1188 times. Read or listen to the Katha attributed to this Vrat. The Vrati should eat food once a day. The salt should not be used while preparing food. For the meal one should have chapatis made of wheat flour or Daliyaa ( wheat porridge ) with jaggery and ghee. Halua can also be eaten.
On the last Sunday do Havan and feed a Brahman couple and give them red clothes and Dakshina in the form of cash.
Benefits of observing Ravivaar Vrat -
The following are the benefits of observing Ravivaar Vrat-
1. This vrat appeases the sun god.
2. This vrat is observed to remove the malefic effects of the planet sun.
3. This vrat fulfills the desires of the vrati.
4. One can get rid of the diseases of eyes, skin etc because of observing this Vrat.
5. It increases the life span and brings good luck to the vrati.

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