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Monday, May 18, 2015

(10.6.7) Budhavaar Vrat ( A vrat on Wednesday )

Vrat on Wednesday

The fast on Wednesday is dedicated to the planet Budha ( Mercury ).
When to start Buhdavar vrat - 
The Budhavar vrat should be started from the first Wednesday in the Shukla Paksh of any month. This vrat is observed for 21 Wednesday.
The process of observing Budhvar vrat -
The person who wishes to observe Budhvar vrat should get up early in the morning on Wednesday. After having a bath he/she should chant Budh Gaytri mantra for 108 times. The Budh Gayatri mantra is as follows -
" Om Soumyaroopaay Vidmahe Vaaneshaay Dheemahi Tannau Soumyah Prachodayaat " ( ॐ सौम्यरुपाय विद्महे वाणेशाय धीमहि तन्नौ सौम्यः प्रचोदयात। )
In the food the green things should be included. The person should read or hear the Katha related to this vrat before breaking the fast. He/She should wear green cloths and if not possible to wear green clothes he/she should keep a green hand kerchief with him/her at on that day. Going to the temple of Lord Ganesh is also beneficial.
The benefits of observing Budhvaar vrat -
1. This vrat removes the malefic effects of the planet Mercury.
2. Budh ( Mercury ) is the Karak of speech, intelligence, wisdom, mathematics, learning etc. so the person gets all these things by observing this vrat.
3. One must observe this vrat for getting benefit in the business also.

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