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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

(15.4.4) REET 2015

REET - Recruitment cum eligibility exam. for teachers in Rajasthan 2015

Reet is a recruitment  cum eligibility examination for teachers to be appointed as third grade teachers in primary and upper schools in Rajasthan. It is an essential examination for getting a job as a third grade teacher in the govt. schools of Rajasthan. Formerly this examination was known as RTET but govt of Rajasthan has made a change in the pattern for the recruitment of third grade teachers.
There will be two papers - Level first and level second. (for classes 1 to 5, it will be the level first and for classes 6 to 8 it will be the level second)
The Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan is the nodal agency for conducting the examination.
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