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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

(4.3.1) Rajasthan Tourism / Tourism in Rajasthan

Rajasthan  - A heaven for the tourists 

The places of tourism of India have always been the  attraction for the tourists from all over the world. But the state of Rajasthan has its own importance because of its climate, forts, tourists places, religious places etc. Rajasthan is one of the leading states of India. The heritage assets and colourful culture of Rajasthan have a special attraction for the tourists of the other parts of India and countries of the world. Rajasthan has different climatic area. Mount Abu is a hilly area where one can enjoy the natural scenery of the mountain. Its long area of desert also attracts the visitors with its sand dunes. On the other hand there is also plain area.
The diversity is there in every field, and this diversity makes the state of Rajasthan more attractive and incredible..
The following are the main places to be visited -
(1) Temples of Rajasthan
(2) Forts of Rajasthan
(3) National Parks and sanctuaries of Rajasthan
(4) Historically significant places in Rajasthan
(5) Popular fairs of Rajasthan
Note - For the official website of Rajasthan Tourism CLICK HERE.

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