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Monday, May 4, 2015

(9.4.7) Apnakhata Rajasthan (On line record of land)

Apna khata (Land Records computerization in Rajasthan )

Important things about Apana Khata
(1) Apnakhata, the system of computerization of land records, is an effort and facility by the Revenue department govt. of Rajasthan, of providing the correct and authentic information about the land records, the land holder's name, the Khata number and the area of the agriculture land in the name of the person i.e. the Khata holder or the owner of the land.
(2) Apna khata, has been a great help to the people of Rajasthan and it has been welcomed everywhere because it is a transparent system of showing the authentic information of land records.
(3) The purpose of this effort or service is to give the detail and accurate information about the agriculture land and land record. The Apnakhata web site provides the records of rights (Nakal) of land records on line from the authorized kiosks. The person can also get the copy of the land records by using his own internet service.
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