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Monday, June 15, 2015

(10.6.13) Adhik Maas Vrat (Vrat during Adhik Maas)

Adhik Maas Vrat - A very beneficial Vrat

What is Adhik Maas  (for detail click here)
Adhik Maas is an extra month in the Hindu lunar calendar. It usually comes every third year.The other names for Adhik Maas are Mal Maas, Purushottam Maas, Malimluch maas. Adhik Maas has a special significance in the Hinduism. Lord Vishnu Himself gave it the name of Purushottam Maas and further He said that the persons who would do Jap, Puja, Aaradhana Daan etc. would enjoy the worldly pleasuresand after death would go to Vishnu Lok.
Adhik Maas Vrat -
According to Hemadri, the Adhik Maas Vrat washes away all the sins of the persons who observe this Vrat. Adhik Maas Vrat starts from the first day of Shukla Paksh of Adhik Maas and ends on Amavasya of the Krishna Paksh of the Adhik Maas. Thus Adhik Maas Vrat is observed for one month.
The process of observing Adhik Maas Vrat - 
> The Vrati should get up early in the morning and after having a bath he/she should perform the Aarti of Lord Vishnu or Lord krishna and do Panchapochar Puja or Shodashopachar Puja. If there is a Vishnu temple near the house, the Vrati should go there and have the Darshan of the statue. If there is no Vishnu temple , one should go to the nearby temple of any deity and have darshan of the statue.
> During the period of one month of Adhik Maas, the Vrati should eat vegetarian meals containing grains, milk, fruits, nuts, vegetables etc. The Vrati should have food once a day.
> Mental and physical cleanliness is essential.
> The Vrati should Perform Puja and make donations like clothes and other things as charity (as per the capacity of the Vrati) to needy persons.
> The Jap of Vishnu Shahasranaametc. performing Yagya, reading or listening Bhagawat Katha etc. are preferred.
> The selfless religious actions without expection of result must be performed during Adhik Maas.
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