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Friday, June 12, 2015

(14.3.16) Glossary of Hindu culture and customs

The terms used in Hindu customs and culture 

Here under is given the list of the terms which are used time and again while observing the Hindu customs, rituals and traditions. They are also necessary to understand Hinduism and Hindu culture.
Beginning with 'A'
> Aarati
> Ashataang Arghya
> Ashta Mahaadaan
Beginning with 'B'
> Brahaman / Brahamin
Beginning with 'C'
> Charanamrit
Beginning with 'D'
> Dash Aushadhi
> Dash Daan
Beginning with 'K;
> Kalash
> Kaaltray
Beginning with 'M'
> Madhurtray
> Madhupark
Beginning with 'N'
> Nav Ratna
Beginning with 'P'
> Panchdev
> Panchopachaar
> Panch Nadee (नदी )
> Panch Pallava
> Panch Gandh
> Panch Mahayagya
> Panchaamrit
> Panch Ratna
> Panchang
> Panch Tatva
Beginning with 'S'
> Shat Karm
> Sapt Rishi
> Sapt Gautra
> Sapta Dhaanya
> Sapt Dhaatu
> Solah Sanskaar
> Shodashopachaar
Beginning with 'T'
Teen Rin
Beginning with 'V'
> Varn
Beginning with 'Y'
> Yagyopaveet

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