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Sunday, June 14, 2015

(6.4.1) What to do during Adhik maas

Adhik Maas - What to do during Adhik maas or Purushottam Maas

What is Adhik Maas  (for detail click here)
Adhik Maas is an extra month in the Hindu lunar calendar. It usually comes every third year.The other names for Adhik Maas are Mal Maas, Purushottam Maas, Malimluch maas. Adhik Maas has a special significance in the Hinduism. Lord Vishnu Himself gave it the name of Purushottam Maas and further He said that the persons who would do Jap, Puja, Aaradhana Daan etc. would enjoy the worldly pleasuresand after death would go to Vishnu Lok.
What is to be during Adhik Maas 
According to the Hindu scriptures , the following things or activities should be done -
Vrat - According to the Bhavishyottar puran, the Lord Krishna Himself is the Phal Daataa (फलदाता ), Bhokta (भोक्ता ) and Adhishthaata (अधिष्ठाता ). So Adhik Maas Vrat produces positive results. This Vrat washes away the sins of the Vrati.
The reading of holy scriptures - During the Adhik Maas the reading or listening to the holy scriptures is considered very fruitful.
Daan or donations - According to the Devi Bhagvat , the Daan -Punya whatever is done during Adhik Maas , brings good results to the person who does it. It is said that the money spent on holy or sacred deeds or actions, does not go in vain. It increases and produces good results.
Selfless actions - During Adhik Maas selfless actions are done. In other words these actions are done without any expectation of any result.
The deeds or sanskaars - There are some actins or deeds or Sanskaars which are done at the fixed time in the prescribed period. Such type of work can be done during Adhik Maas.The Sutika Snaan, Shraadh karm, Punswan etc. come under this category.
The other activities / actions / deeds - Anushthan for getting rid of serious diseases, donations during eclipse etc.
Parikrama of Goverdhan giriraj, Bhajan, Keertan, giving food to Sadhoos, Saints or Brahamans etc.
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