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Saturday, June 27, 2015

(6.5.1) Vastu Shastra / What is Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra - The art and science of construction

What is Vastu Shastra - 
The word 'Vastu' means to reside or the place where one resides. Thus Vastu is a place where one resides or the site of a building or a house and the Vastu Shastra is an art or science of building or constructing a house.
In other words the meaning of 'Vastu' is the art of architecture i. e. the construction of a house or a temple or a palace or any building. Thus Vastu shastra is the art as well as science of designing and construction of buildings.
Vastushastra deals with the five elements of nature and the directions so that an ideal building may be constructed to live in or to work in etc.
What are the five elements of nature -
The five elements of nature are - Akaash (space) , Agni (fire), Vaayu (air), Jal (water), and Prithvi (earth).
The place or residence of these five elements in the building is as follows -
The place of space is the open courtyard of the house.
The place of fire is Aagneya (south - east).
The place of air is Vaayavya (north - west).
The place of water is Ishaan (north - east).
The place of earth is Nairatya (south - west)
The names of the directions -
East, west, north, south.
South - east, south - west, north - east, north - west.
The lords of the directions -
Indra is the lord of east direction and sun is its planets.
Varun is the lord of west and Saturn is its planet.
Kuber is the lord of north and mercury is its planet.
Yam is the lord of south and mars is its planet.
Agni is the lord of south - east and Venus is its planet.
Nairut, a demon,  is the lord of south - west  and Rahu and Ketu are  its planets.
Shiva is the lord of north - east and Jupiter is its planet.

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