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Saturday, June 27, 2015

(6.5.2) Vastu for kitchen / Vastu tips for kitchen

The following are the Vastu tips for the kitchen in the house -
> South - east direction is considered as the residence of Agni dev or the god of fire so the best place for the construction of the kitchen in the house is south - east. But because of the situation of the plot or because of the other reasons if it is not possible to have the kitchen in the south - east portion of the house, it can be made in the north - west of the house because Vayu or air is lord of north - west and there is the friendship between Agni dev and Vayu dev.
> The kitchen should not be in the south - west. This situation of the kitchen may cause familial problems in general and disputes among the members of the family in particular.
> The kitchen should also not made in north - east portion of the house.
> The cooking stove and the cooking gas should be placed in the south - east corner of the kitchen.
> The sink should be in the north - east corner of the kitchen.
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