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Sunday, June 28, 2015

(6.5.3) Vastu for bed room / Vastu tips for bed room

Bed room - its directions, colour and other things

A bed - room is a very important room of the home. It is the room where one sleeps and takes rest  so it should be made in the proper direction and it should be peaceful and free from any noise.
Direction for the bed room -
> South - west direction is the most suitable direction for the bed room.The person has a good sleep here and gets freshness.
> One can have the bed room in the south direction of the house. This situation of the bed room also brings happiness and prosperity.
> The bed room in the north - west (Vayavya) direction is considered good for the guests and for girls of the family.For the other members of the family the bed room in this direction has bad effect particularly on their mental health.
> The bed room in the north should be avoided. Having bed room in this direction brings economic down fall in the family.
> The situation of the bed room and its effect (in short) is as follows -
Direction ----- Effect 
North- East -- causes worry, illness and hindrance.
East ---- adverse effect on health, tension, worry about children.
South -East -- Quarrels, disputes, theft.
South ------ Peace, auspicious, good health.
South - west --- Auspicious particularly for the head of the family.
west --- Good for children
North - west ----- Worry, unnecessary journey. But it is good for guests.
North --------- Unrest, loss of wealth.
Position of the bed -
The bed should be placed in the bed room that while sleeping, the persons' heads should be in the east or south or west. The heads should not be in the north.
Color of the walls -
The bed room walls should be painted rose, light green or light blue.
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