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Sunday, June 28, 2015

(6.5.4) Vastu for Puja room / Vastu tips for Puja room

Puja room / Pooja room - its direction, color etc.

Prayer and worship play an important role for spiritual enlightenment. One should start one's day with a prayer, worship and reading of a sacred book. This practice fills one with positive energy and strong will power to accomplish the day's work enthusiastically. For this prayer and puja, there should be an ideal place to sit. This place or room is known as puja room.
The following are the Vastu tips for the Pooja room -
> The Puja room should be in the north - east of the house.
It can be in the north direction also.
If it is not possible to have a separate room for Pooja in the house, one can make a place for Puja in the room which is in the north direction.
If one has only one room or one is living in a single rented room, the north - east direction can be used for puja.
> The place for puja or the puja room should be kept neat and clean.
> The broken idol or the torn picture of any deity must not be kept in the Puja room.
The idol or statue of the deity should not be longer than nine inches.
> The walls of the puja room should be painted white or light blue or light yellow.
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