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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

(9.4.12) 108 Ambulance service project (nrhmrajasthan)

108 Ambulance service project in Rajasthan

Important things about 108 Ambulance project -
> 108 Ambulance project was launched in September, 2008.
> It provides pre-hospital emergency transportation care service across the state of Rajasthan round the clock.
> All types of emergency cases are handled by 108 services.
> Any person in need of emergency help can dial a toll free number 108 from any land line or mobile set.
> The ambulance reaches the site and takes the victim to the nearest hospital in 20 minutes in urban area and in 40 minutes in rural area.
> it is a very popular and easily available service.
Note - For official website of Medical, Health and Family welfare dept. of Rajasthan  CLICK HERE.

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