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Thursday, June 11, 2015

(9.4.13) Rajasthan Educational Service Rules 1970 (rajshiksha)

Rajasthan Shiksha Sewa Niyam 1970

For the smooth running of the Department of Education the Govt of Rajasthan  has made service rules. These service rules are called   "Rajasthan  Educational Service Rules 1970.    
The Education department is a large department of the state govt. of Rajasthan. The Edu. Dept is responsible for education up to the XII standard. It provides education to the children for free.There are four main streams - Science, Agriculture, Commerce and Arts. The students can offer the subject of their choice for their study.
Note - For  Rajasthan  Educational Service Rules 1970 CLICK HERE.
(A) Various types of circulars and orders. (for detail click here.)
(B) Promotion orders of Lecturers in School Education. (for detail click here.)
(C) Promotion orders of Headmasters (for detail click here.)
(D) Promotion orders or Principals (for detail click here.)
(E) For the official web site of the Education Department Rajasthan  CLICK HERE.

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