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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

(10.5.9) Purushottam Maas Amavasya / Adhik Maas Amavasya

Amavasya in Adhik Maas / Amavasya in Purushottam Maas

According to the Hindu calendar,there are thirty Tithis in a lunar month. Amavasya is also one of them. Thus there are twelve Amavasya in a year.
When is Purushottam Maas Amavasya -
In the year 2015 (Vikram Samwat 2072 ) Aashadh is the Adhik Maas and the Amavasya is on  Thursday, 16.07.2015 which is also the last day of Adhik Maas
Important things about Purushottam Maas Amavasya -
(1) As mentioned above  Amavasya occurs every month but the Amavasya which falls in Purushottam Maas or in Adhik Maas is known as Purushottam Maas Amavasya. Adhik Maas ends on this day.
(2) Purushottam maas Amavasya is considered very pious and important particularly for worshiping and appeasing the departed ancestors.
(3) The Hindus have a bath in the holy rivers on this day with the belief that it (taking bath) makes them free from sins and griefs.
(4) People feed Brahmins to please the souls of their ancestors. They also perform Tarpan and Shraddhkarm rituals.
(5) Giving donation on Purushottam Maas Amavasya is considered auspicious as it appeases the ancestors of the person who donates.
(6) It is also believed that observing fast on this day frees the people from their Pitar Dosh.
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