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Monday, July 13, 2015

(10.6.14) Chatur Maas Vrat / Chaturmaas Vrat vidhi

Chatur Maas Vrat process / Chaturmas vrat rituals

The period of Chaturmaas is considered as a very sacred  period. During this period various religious festivals and fasts are observed. Some people observe the fast during this whole period. This fast is known as Chaturmaas Vrat.
Chatur Maas Vrat rituals and process -
> Chatur Maas Vrat is observed for four months which begins on Dev Shayani Ekadashi and ends on Dev Uthani or Dev Prabodhini Ekadashi.
> The Vrati should get up early in the morning on the Dev Shayani Ekadashi and take a bath. He / she should wear clean clothes and then she/he should give bath to the idol of Lord Vishnu and make the idol sleep on a cot. Then he/she should pray to Lord Vishnu to sleep for four months and also to make his/her Chaturmaas Vrat successful.
> The Vrati eats one meal during the Chaturmaas period. The Vrati eats saatvik vegetarian food.
> Everyday taking Charanamrit is preferable.
> Chanting the Gayatri Mantra or Vishnu Sahrtanaan is done.
> Reading or listening religious scriptures or attending Katha meetings.
> On the last day of Chaturmaas i.e. on Dev uthani Ekadashi, the Chaturmaas Vrat ends. On this day the Vrati should give donations according to his/her capacity and feed the Brahmans and needy persons.

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