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Friday, July 10, 2015

(13.1.24) Kokila Vrat process (Kokila Vrat Vidhi)

What is the Kokila Vrat Process / Kokila Vrat ki Vidhi / How is Kokila Vrat observed

Kokila Vrat is observed by women for good luck, prosperity and happy married life. this Vrat is dedicated to goddess Parvati or Gauri.The women who observe Kokila Vrat enjoy the the happy married life and at last go to the abode of Parvati. In this Vrat Parvati or Gauri is worshiped in the form of a cuckoo (Kokila or Koyal), a bird. (To know why she is worshiped in the form Kokila, click here.)
The Process of observing the kokila Vrat -
> Kokila Vrat is observed for one month. It begins on Aasaadh Shukla Purnima and ends on Shravan Shukla Purnima.
> The woman who wants to observe Kokila Vrat should take a bath on the evening of Aashaadh Shukla Purnima and do Sankalp (a resolution) as follows -
"I will observe the Kokila Vrat by following the rules of celibacy." Then on the Shravan Krishna Pratipada, She should have a bath and do the Sankalp -
" Mam Dhan Dhaanyaadi Soubhaagya praaptaye shiv santushtaye cha  Kokila Vrat maham karishya."
" मम धन धान्यादि सौभाग्य प्राप्तये शिवतुष्टये च कोकिला व्रत महं करिष्ये। "
> Everyday the Vati should have a bath and do the shodashopachar puja of idol of a cuckoo (this idol is made of clay and it represents goddess Parvati). This puja process goes on till the shravan Shukla Purnima.
> On the last day the idol of the cuckoo should be adorned with ornaments and donated to the eligible Brahaman or to the mother-in-law of the Vrati.
> Thus by observing this Vrat, doing puja and donating the idols, the woman enjoys the (seven)  worldly pleasures and then goes to the abode of  Gauri Parvati.
"May goddess Parvati fulfill your wishes !"
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