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Saturday, July 11, 2015

(13.1.26) Importance of Kokila Vrat / Benefits of kokila vrat

What is the importance of Kokila Vrat / What is the significance of Kokila Vrat / Why should Kokila Vrat be observed / What are the benefits of Kokila Vrat

> Kokila Vrat is very auspicious and fruitful for the women. This Vrat is observed for one month by following   Vrat process or  Vrat Vidhi .
> The Vrati woman gets up early in the morning and takes a bath if possible in a nearby river or a lake and if it is not possible, she can have a bath at her home. One meal is taken everyday.
> Sleeping on the floor and observing celibacy also make the Vrat more important.
> One must not criticize nor should have malice against others during the whole month.
> So far as possible one should avoid Rag and Dwesh during this month. One must keep one's mind free from evil thoughts and desires. In the Kokila Vrat Gauri - Parvati is worshiped in the form Kokila, a bird cuckoo. (To know why she is worshiped in the form Kokila, click here.)
> At the time of Udhyaapan, the Vrati should perform Homa, give saari, blouse, Bichhiyaa (a type of ornament), the kalash made of copper as a donation and feed the Brahman. Katha should also be listened to.
> By observing this Vrat the unmarried girl gets the husband of her choice and leads a happy married life afterwards. The married woman observes Kokila Vrat to get good fortune, wealth, prosperity and good son. As a result of this Kokila Vrat the woman enjoys the happy married life as well as happy family life and at last goes to the abode of Gauri - Parvati.
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