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Sunday, July 12, 2015

(13.1.28) Importance of Chatur Maas

What is the significance of Chaturmaas

> Chatur Maas period is considered as a special and significant period of four months for the Hindus, Jains and the Buddhists. The common thing for all these communities is to perform religious activities, listening or reading the scriptures and lead a pious life.
> As it is known that during the period chaturmaas a lot of small creatures are born and in some cases they are not even visible. The Jain saints do not like to harm any creature. So they stay at one place and do not move from one place to another.
> The Buddhists monks also stay at one place and give sermons.
> The people of the Hindu community also consider chaturmaas period as very specific. They follow the rules of this period and observe fast and celebrate festivals which fall during this period. Particularly the month of Shravan and Kartik have a special significance for the Hindus. Shravan month is devoted to Lord Shiva and Kartik is devoted to Lord Vishnu. So people do religious activities perform good deeds during these months.
> Shraaddh Paksh also comes during the period of Chaturmaas. Shraaddh Paksh is considered very significant to appease the deceased forefathers or ancestors. People observe and follow the rituals related to Shraaddh Paksh.
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