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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

(13.1.29) What to do during Chatur Maas

What should be done during Chatur Maas ( Chatur Maas men kya karen)

Chaturmaas is a period of four months. This period is considered very important and sacred for the Hindus. During this period the following activities are preferable -
> One must lead a Satvik life. Cleanliness of body as well as mind should be maintained. Purity of thoughts is also fruitful.
> During the period of chaturmaas Lord Vishnu should be given bath with curds, milk, ghee, honey etc. and should be worshiped by offering dhoop, deepak ( earthen ), pushpa ( flowers ), navaidhya ( eatables made of satvik material ).
> In the evening the deepak is to be lighted.
> Everyday charanamrit should be taken.
> During the whole period, the vrat should be observed.
> If possible one should go to the Vishnu temple and chant Vishnu sahastra naam or om namo bhagawate vaasudevaaya daily. If not possible to go to temple one can chant these things at home.
> Reading or listening the stories or discourses from the scriptures.
>Making donation ( according to one's capacity ) is also fruitful.
> One should give Arghya to the Sun god.
> Havan should be done using Til and food grains chanting Gayatri Mantra during the chaturmaas and when the chaturmaas ends one should donate Til and food to the eligible person.
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