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Monday, July 27, 2015

(13.1.32) What not to during Chaturmaas

What should not be done during Chaturmaas / What are prohibited acts and things during Chaturmas

In Hinduism Chaturmaas has a special significance. Our scriptures suggest the things to be done and not to be done during Chaturmaas. Here under is the list of things which are not to be done during Chaturmaas -
> One must not eat Taamsik food ( the eatables that have sedative effect on mind and body) during Chaturmaas.
> The saints usually do not move from one place to another during Chaturmaas. They stay at one place and preach and deliver religious lectures to the people.
> Marriages, engagements, mundan, janeo sanskaar, Dev sthapana and such other activities are prohibited.
> Some people avoid sleeping on the cot.
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