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Thursday, July 2, 2015

(6.5.5) Vastu for Drawing room / Vastu tips for drawing room

Drawing Room and Vastu

Drawing room is a place where the guests are welcomed and entertained. It should be big in size and free from any disturbance. The following are the tips for the drawing room -
> The drawing room should be in the north or in the north west direction.
> The walls should be painted white, light yellow, light green or light blue. Black, red and dark colours should be avoided.
> The pictures of mountains, green trees, beautiful flowers and auspicious birds are preferable. The pictures of eagles,owls, and other birds which are considered inauspicious should be avoided. The paintings of war, crime, unrest and distress should also be avoided.
> The furniture used in the drawing room should be square or rectangular. it is better to avoid circular or round table in the drawing room.

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