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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

(6.5.6) Vastu for study room / Vastu tips for study room

Study room and Vastu

Study room has a great significance in itself. The place for study should be neat and clean and free from any noise. The general environment of this room should be such that the children's attention may not distract. The tips for study room are as follows -
> The best direction for the study room in a house is north - east or east or north because the planets of these directions are respectively Jupiter, which is the significator of knowledge, religion and reasoning, and Sun which is the significator of self confidence and reasoning, and Mercury which is the significator of voice, intellectual and knowledge.
> While studying the face of the children should be either in the north or in the east.
> The of Saraswati, lord Ganesh, beautiful natural scenes and peacock feathers are favorable. 
> The walls of the study room should be painted light blue or light green or cream or white.
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