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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

(13.1.37) Panch Bali during Shraddha Paksh

What is Panch Bali during Shraddh Paksh / How Panch Bali is performed 

It is mentioned in the scriptures that by performing Shraddha ritual the performer gets blessings from his ancestors. In other words the Pitra or the forefathers or the ancestors bless the person with long life, prosperity, good son, good health and wealth etc.who performs the Shraddh ritual with faith and devotion.
During the shraddha paksh on the Tithi of the death of the ancestor, the shraddh is performed for the peace of the soul of that ancestor.
On the Shraddh Tithi besides the other rituals, the food item is placed on the five plates or leaves separately for a cow, a dog, a crow, ants and gods. The this food item is given a cow, a dog, a crow, ants and to some needy but holy person. This food item giving to these five ones is called Panch Bali.
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Friday, September 25, 2015

(10.1.34) Maha Ahstami / Durga Ashtami 2016

Maha Ashtami - A day to worship goddess Durga

When is Maha Ashtami -
In the year 2016 Mahaashtami is on Sunday, 09.10.2016.
Important things about Maha Ashtami -
> Ashvin Shukla Ashtami is known as Maha Ashtami. The other name for this Astami is Durga Ashtami.
> This Ashtami has a religious importance for the Hindus. They worship goddess Durga on this day with faith and devotion. Halua, Poori, Kheer etc are offered to goddess Durga.
> Nine unmarried girls are fed and given Dakshina. These girls are treated as the nine forms of goddess Durga.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

(13.1.36) What is Shraddha or Shraaddha

Shraddha - An important ritual of the Hindus 

What is Shraddha
Shraaddha is a ritual done by the person with faith and devotion for the sake of the souls of his deceased ancestors. In the Shraaddha ritual mainly the following activities are done -
Pind Dan
Feeding the Brahamins
Giving food to a cow, a dog and a crow.
What is Shraddha Paksh
Shraddh Paksh is a period of sixteen days which begins on the Purnima Tithi of Bhadrapad and ends on the Amavasya Tithi of Aswin Month. According to the Hindu belief the dead ancestors who reside in the Pitra Lok, receive   donations , Pind dan and food etc. which the person gives them during shraddh paksh and their souls ( the ancestors' souls ) attain peace by the rituals done by their relatives during this period.
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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

(13.1.35) What are Three Debts / Three Debts in Hinduism

What are three Debts in Hinduism

In Hinduism there are three types of debts. They are as follows -
1. Dev Rin 2. Rishi Rin 3. Pitra Rin
1.Dev Rin (the Debt to gods) - Dev Rin can be paid off by performing Vedic sacrifices.
2. Rishi Rin (-the Debt to the sages) - Rishi Rin can be paid off by studying Vedic texts.
3. Pitra Rin ( the Debt to the ancestors) - Pitra Rin can be paid off by performing Shraddha etc.  

(13.1.34) What is Tarpan / Pitra Tarpan

What is Tarpan in Hinduism ? Types of Tarpan / Importance of Pitra Tarpan

Tarpan is an offering. The ritual of Tarpan is offering water or other things to the gods, the sages, the souls of the ancestors etc. There are differents types of Tarpan. They are -
1.Dev Tarpan,
2.Rishi Tarpan
3.Divya Manushya Tarpan
4. Pitra Tarpan
Pitra Tarpan - Pitra Tarpan is the offering of water, black sesame, barley, kusha grass and flour. Pitra Tarpan should be performed on the day when the Shraddha for the soul of the deceased ancestor is observed. The person who does Pitra Tarpan should wear a Pavitri ( a ring made of Kusha grass) on the ring finger of his right hand.
Importance of Pitra Tarpan -
The Pitra Tarpan appeases the souls of the deceased ancestors. In return they bless the person and the members of his family with long life, wisdom, intelligence, wealth, prosperity, success and good sons.
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Monday, September 21, 2015

(9.5.2) Five Elements (Panch Tatva)

What are the five Elements / Panch Tatva 

Panch Tatva are the five basic elements of nature. 
The five elements are- Prithvi (earth) Jal (water) Agni (fire) Vayu (air) and  Akash (sky).
Prithvi - is the source of all material existence in solid, semi liquid and gel forms.
Jal (Water) - is the source of material existence in liquid and fluidic forms.
Vayu (Air)- is the source of air and gaseous states of matter.
Agni - (Fire) Agni is the source of fire and all forms of energies and light.
Aakash - aakash is the subliminal etheric expansion and source and base of existence and manifestation of mental and emotional expressions.
The whole universe is made of these five elements.
Our body is also made up of these five elements. 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

(13.1.33) Panch Mahayagya / Five daily sacrifices in Hinduism

Panch Mahayagya - the five daily sacrifices 

The five Panch Mahagya are as follows -
Dev Yagya
Rishi Yagya
Pirtri Yagya
Manushya Yagya
Bhoot Yagya
Dev Yagya- Oblation to gods, and perform Puja and Havan etc.
Rishi Yagya- Worship of the ancient sages and seers.
Pitri Yagya- Libations of  food and water to the manes or departed souls.
Manushya Yagya- Offering food to human beings who are in need of it.
Bhoot Yagya  - Offering food to other creatures.. 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

(10.3.78) Maha Lakshmi Vrat 2016

Maha Lakshmi Vrat to seek blessings of goddess Lakshmi

When is Mahalalakshmi Vrat 
In the year Maha Lakshmi Vrat is on Friday, 09.09.2016.
Important things about Maha Lakshmi Vrat -
> This Vrat begins from Bhadrapad Shukla Ashtami and ends on Ashvin Krishna Ashtami. Thus this Vrat continues for 16 days.
> Maha Lakshmi Vrat is observed to seek the blessings of goddess Lakshmi.
> Everyday the idol Lakshmi is worshiped.
> Bhadrapad Shukla Asthami is also observed as the birthday of goddess Lakshmi. This Ashtami is also known as Radha Ashtami.
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(10.3.77) Radha Ashtami / Radhaashtami 2016

Radha Ashtami - The birth day of goddess Radha

When is Radha Ashtami in 2016
In the year 2016 Radha Ashtami is on Friday, 09.09.2016
Important things about Radha Ashtami -
> Bhadrapad Shukla Ashtami is known as Radha Ashtami.
> This Ashtami is believed to be the birth day of goddess Radha. So this day is observed as her birth anniversary.
> On this day the idol of Radha is worshiped by the devotees with great faith and devotion.
> Next day Suvasini women and the Brahmans are fed.
> On this day Vrat is also observed. This Vrat brings prosperity, health and wealthto the Vrat.
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Friday, September 18, 2015

(10.3.76) Durva Ashtami 2016

Durva Ashtami the Day of Worshiping Lord Shiva and Uma

When is Durva Ashtami in 2016 -
In the year Durva Ashtami is on Friday, 09.09.2016.
Important things about Durva Ashtami -
1. Bhadrapad Shukla Ashtami is known as Durva Ashtami.
2. On this day Lord Shiva and Uma are worshiped on this day.
People offer seven types of fruits, flowers, Durva (a kind of grass),and Naivedhya to the idols of Shiva and Uma.
3. By worshiping Shiva and Uma on this day, people get health, wealth, prosperity and good son.
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(10.3.75) Santan Saptami 2016

Santan Saptami Vrat / Importance of Santan Saptami Vrat / Why to observe Santan Saptami Vrat

When is Santan Saptami in 2016
Bhadrapad Shukla Saptami is known as Santan Saptami. In the year 2016 Santan Saptami is on Thursday, 08 September, 2016.
Important things about Santan saptami -
1. On the Saptami Tithi of Shukla Paksha in the month of Bhadrapad women observe Vrat. 
2. This Vrat is observed by women to get good children and for the protection of the children they already have.
3. On this day Lord shiva and goddess Parvati are worshiped with full devotion.
4. According to a legend this fast was observed by Devaki and as a result of this Vrat she gave birth to Lord Krishna.
5. The Vrati woman should listen or read the story related to this Vrat.
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(9.5.1) Saptrishis / Seven Sages in Hinduism

Sapt Rishis/ The names of the Sapt Rishis / Who are the Saptrishis

The names of the Sapt Rishis are as follows _
.> Atri
> Bhardwaj
> Gautam
> Jamdagni
> Kashyap
> Vashishtha
> Vishvamitra

Thursday, September 17, 2015

(6.2.30) Nakshatra / What is Nakshatra

Names of the Nakshatras

The zodiac is divided into twenty seven equal parts of 13 degrees and 20 minutes each which is called a Nakshtra. There are 27 Nakshtras.The names of the Nakshtras are as follows-
25.Poorva bhadrapad
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