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Sunday, September 20, 2015

(13.1.33) Panch Mahayagya / Five daily sacrifices in Hinduism

Panch Mahayagya - the five daily sacrifices 

The five Panch Mahagya are as follows -
Dev Yagya
Rishi Yagya
Pirtri Yagya
Manushya Yagya
Bhoot Yagya
Dev Yagya- Oblation to gods, and perform Puja and Havan etc.
Rishi Yagya- Worship of the ancient sages and seers.
Pitri Yagya- Libations of  food and water to the manes or departed souls.
Manushya Yagya- Offering food to human beings who are in need of it.
Bhoot Yagya  - Offering food to other creatures.. 

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