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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

(13.1.34) What is Tarpan / Pitra Tarpan

What is Tarpan in Hinduism ? Types of Tarpan / Importance of Pitra Tarpan

Tarpan is an offering. The ritual of Tarpan is offering water or other things to the gods, the sages, the souls of the ancestors etc. There are differents types of Tarpan. They are -
1.Dev Tarpan,
2.Rishi Tarpan
3.Divya Manushya Tarpan
4. Pitra Tarpan
Pitra Tarpan - Pitra Tarpan is the offering of water, black sesame, barley, kusha grass and flour. Pitra Tarpan should be performed on the day when the Shraddha for the soul of the deceased ancestor is observed. The person who does Pitra Tarpan should wear a Pavitri ( a ring made of Kusha grass) on the ring finger of his right hand.
Importance of Pitra Tarpan -
The Pitra Tarpan appeases the souls of the deceased ancestors. In return they bless the person and the members of his family with long life, wisdom, intelligence, wealth, prosperity, success and good sons.
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