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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

(13.1.37) Panch Bali during Shraddha Paksh

What is Panch Bali during Shraddh Paksh / How Panch Bali is performed 

It is mentioned in the scriptures that by performing Shraddha ritual the performer gets blessings from his ancestors. In other words the Pitra or the forefathers or the ancestors bless the person with long life, prosperity, good son, good health and wealth etc.who performs the Shraddh ritual with faith and devotion.
During the shraddha paksh on the Tithi of the death of the ancestor, the shraddh is performed for the peace of the soul of that ancestor.
On the Shraddh Tithi besides the other rituals, the food item is placed on the five plates or leaves separately for a cow, a dog, a crow, ants and gods. The this food item is given a cow, a dog, a crow, ants and to some needy but holy person. This food item giving to these five ones is called Panch Bali.
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