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Monday, September 21, 2015

(9.5.2) Five Elements (Panch Tatva)

What are the five Elements / Panch Tatva 

Panch Tatva are the five basic elements of nature. 
The five elements are- Prithvi (earth) Jal (water) Agni (fire) Vayu (air) and  Akash (sky).
Prithvi - is the source of all material existence in solid, semi liquid and gel forms.
Jal (Water) - is the source of material existence in liquid and fluidic forms.
Vayu (Air)- is the source of air and gaseous states of matter.
Agni - (Fire) Agni is the source of fire and all forms of energies and light.
Aakash - aakash is the subliminal etheric expansion and source and base of existence and manifestation of mental and emotional expressions.
The whole universe is made of these five elements.
Our body is also made up of these five elements. 

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