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Saturday, October 17, 2015

(13.4.3) Importance of Puja Samagri / Pooja Material / Puja items

What is the Puja Samagri / What is the importance of Pooja items / Significance of Puja Samgri

Pooja or Puja is a process in Hinduism through which the devotee or the worshiper shows his respect and honor to the deity in order to please him/her. For Puja the Hindus use different Pooja Samgri ( Pooja items or Puja material). Here under is the list of some common Puja items and their spiritual and religious importance -
Kalash (a Pot) - Kalash is the symbol of universe and positive energy. The water filled in it is the symbol of seas, rivers and holy ponds. A Kalash produces positive energy in and around the place of Puja.
Earthen Lamp - An earthen lamp is the symbol of sun, moon, and knowledge. It shows the right path and leads the devotee from darkness (ignorance) to the light (true knowledge).
Milk - Milk is the symbol of peace. By using  it as Puja Samagri, the person is blessed with good health  and lives a happy and peaceful life.
Honey - Honey is the symbol of sweetness. The person leads a happy life life and has sweet relations with his kith and kin.
Roli - Roli is a sacred mixture of lime (Choona) and turmeric (Haldi) powder. It is a symbol of good fortune.
Moli - Moli is tied on the wrist of a person. It is the symbol of spiritual activities.
Dhoop Batti (Incense stick) - It is a symbol of purity, freshness, love and compassion. It makes the environment pure.
Water -Water is the symbol of life.
Rice - Rice is the symbol of peace,longevity and purity of life. It removes all the financial problem.
Flowers - Flowers are the symbol of joy, purity, sweetness and fragrance. They bring joy and purity in the life of the worshiper.
Coconut - Coconut is the symbol of  comfort and harmony.
Gud  - Gud is considered as very pious material for Puja. It is the symbol of sweetness. It brings good health and wealth and removes bitterness.
Supari (betel nut) - It is the symbol of strength,longevity,good health and prosperity.
Betel Leaves - They are the symbols of freshness and prosperity.
Mango leaves - They are the symbol of greenery, sweetness and immortality. They fill the life with joy and purity.
Ghee - It the symbol of good health. By using it as Pooja Samgri the worshiper achieves salvation.
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