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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

(13.1.38) Dhan Teras story/ Legend related to Dhan Teras

Stories related to Dhan Teras - 

1.According to the legend there was a young son of king Hima. It was predicated that his death would be by snake bite on the fourth day of his marriage. On that particular day, his newly wed wife did not allow him to sleep. She lit the lamps all over the palace. Then she narrated stories and sang songs to keep her husband from falling asleep. When Yama , the god of death , arrived at the prince's doorstep in the guise of a serpent, his eyes were dazzled and blinded  by the brilliance of the lamps and the jewelry. Yama could not enter the prince's chamber , so he climbed on the top of the heap of gold and silver coins and sat their the whole night. In the morning , he silently went away. Thus the young prince was saved from the clutches of death by the cleverness of his new bride. So people light earthen lamps in the evening and they are kept burning throughout the night glorifying yama , the god of death.
The another legend - once there was a battle between  gods and the demons. When they both churned the ocean, Dhanvantari , the physician of the gods emerged carrying the pot full of Amrit ( Nectar ).

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