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Saturday, November 28, 2015

(5.1/1) Practical Hints regarding Muhurat

What are Practical hints regarding Muhurat

Starting the task at the auspicious time increases the possibility of success. No doubt Muhurta is the most auspicious time to start or execute the task or the event.
But at the same time it is also the fact that Muhurta is not each and everything. It cannot be the remedy for all the ill affecting factors. So the following precautions and practical hints should be kept in mind-
(1) The event or activity or work must be started or done within the period prescribed for that event or activity.
(2)There are some actions or events or tasks which demand immediate attention and action. We cannot wait for muhurat  for them or we cannot ignore them for want of muhurta. They are of so urgent nature that we cannot postpone them. For instance if a heart patient requires immediate medical treatment, we cannot wait for muhurta to take him (the patient) to the doctor or to hospital.
(3) Muhurta is the most important factor which harmonizes one’s forces with nature and increases one’s chances of success. But there are some other factors i.e. God’s blessings,sincere effort done by the person concerned and the circumstances under which the work is done, are also responsible for bringing out desired results.         
For example if a person starts to run a cyber cafe in accordance with muhurta in a remote small village which has the population of only 2000 people, how can he expect to earn much money from that cafe.
The other example can be cited of a person who buys a car in the Subh muhurta but if he drives it at a very high speed drinking too much , or if he drives in the wrong side, how can he expect to avoid accidents and what can muhurta do under such circumstances. Similarly if a farmer sows seeds in his field at the right time in accordance with muhurta but if he does not irrigate his field at the proper time, he cannot hope to get good crops.
In short it can be said that muhurta gives the well beginning to the task which is equal to the half done. The other half depends on the factors related to the task as cited above.   
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