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Thursday, December 31, 2015

(6.2.33) Twenty seven Yog in Panchang

What are the twenty seven Yog in Panchang /Importance of Yog in Muhurat 

There are two types of Yog in Muhurat Jyotish - 'Naisargik' (Permanent) and 'Taatakaali' (Temporary). Here we shall learn about Naisargik Yogas.
The Naisargik Yog is one of the five organs of the Hindu Panchang. As per Hindu Panchang or calendar there are 27 Yog. Some of them are auspicious and some are inauspicious. While calculating Muhurat for any event, the Yog is also taken into account. The following is the list of the 27 Yogas with their lord and effect -
Name of Yog--------Lord----------Effect 
4. Soubhaagya ------Brahmaa------auspicious
5. Shobhan----------Brihaspati-----auspicious
6. Atigand------------Chandra------inauspicious
7. Sukarmaa---------Indra-----------auspicious
8. Dhriti--------------Jal--------------auspicious
9. Shool---------------Sarp------------inauspicious
10. Gand-------------Agni------------inauspicious
11. Vridhi------------Surya-----------auspicious
12. Dhruva----------Bhumi----------auspicious
13. Vyatipaat-------Vaayu----------inauspicious
14. Harshan--------Bhag------------auspicious
15. Vajra------------Varun-----------inauspicious
16. Siddhi-----------Ganesh---------auspicious
17. Vyatipaat-------Rudra-----------inauspicious
18. Varian----------Kuber-----------auspicious
19. Paridh----------Vishvakarmaa--inauspicious
20. Shiv------------Mitra-------------auspicious
21. Siddh-----------Kartikey---------auspicious
22. Saadhya--------Savitri-----------auspicious
23. Shubh-----------Lakshmi---------auspicious
24. Shukl------------Parvati-----------auspicious
25. Brahm---------Ashvinikumar----auspicious
26. Endra-----------Pitar--------------inauspicious
27. Vaidhriti-------Diti---------------inauspicious
Other important things about Naisargik Yog -
1. Vyatipaat and Vaidhriti Yog must be avoided for all the auspicious events.
2. First thirty Ghatis of Paridh Yog must be avoided.
3. First three Ghatis of Vishkumbh Yog and Vajra Yog must be avoided.
4. First nine Ghatis of Vyaaghaat Yog must be avoided.
5. First five Ghatis of Shool Yog must be avoided.
6. First six Ghatis of Gand and Atigand Yog must be avoided for any auspicious event.
Note - One Ghati is equal to 24 minutes.

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