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Saturday, December 5, 2015

(6.6.8) Shash Yog (an auspicious Yog in the biirth chart)

Shash Yog/ What is Shsh Yog / How is Shash Yog formed/ Result or Effect of Shash Yog शश योग - जन्म पत्री  का शुभ योग 

What is Shash Yog
Shash Yog is one of the five types of Panch Mahapurush Yog. This Yog is an auspicious Yog in the birth chart of a person.
How is Shash Yog Formed -
Shash Yog is formed When Saturn (Shani) is placed in the Kendra in its own signs (Makar or Kumbh) or in its Mool Trikon sign (Kumbh) or exalted (in Tula) in the birth chart of of a person.
Results or Effects of Shash Yog -
The person who has Shash Yog in the birth chart  -
> is happy and rich
> is impressive
> is well known
> is valorous 
> is tough hearted
> is the head of the group or community
> has the qualities of a leader
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