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Saturday, January 30, 2016

(6.4.7) Panachak and muhurat / What can be done during Panchak

What can be done during Panchak / Panchak and auspicious activities

Panchak Nakshtras are considered for different kinds of Muhurat for various activities. Only a few activities are prohibited during Panchak period.  
The following are the Good things about Panchak -
Many of the following auspicious tasks are done during the Panchak period - 
(A) Name of the task     - Name of the Nakshatra:-
1. Mundan                     - Dhanistha,Shatbhisha,Revati
2. Beginning education   - Dhanistha,Shatbhisha.
3.Love marriage             - Dhanistha , Shatbhisha.
4.Marriage                     - Uttara Bhadrapad, Revati.
5.Sutika Snan                 - Uttara Bhadrapad,Revati.
6.Construction of a house - Dhanistha,Shatbisha,Uttara Bhadrapad,Revati
7.Griha Pravesh             - Uttara Bhadrapad,Revati.

(B) Subh yog are also formed with the combination of Panchak Nakshatras and Var (week day ). These yog are considered better for doing a particular auspicious task.These yog are as follows :-
1. Sunday + Dhanishtha = Matang yog 
2. Sunday +Purva Bhadrapad = Char yog
3.Sunday + Uttara Bhadrapad = Susthir yog
4.Sunday + Revati =Pravardh yog 
5.Monday+Dhanishtha = Shubh yog 
6.Monday +Shatbhisha = Amrit yog 
7.Monday +Revati =Mantang yog 
8.Tuesday +Uttara Bhadrapad = Siddhi yog 
9.Tuesday +Revati = Mitra yog 
10.Wednessday+Dhanishtha = Mitra yog 
11.Wednessday + Shatbhisha = Manas yog 
12. Wednessday + Purva Bhadrapad =Padm yog 
13.Thursday + Dhanishtha = Shrivats yog 
14.Thursday +Uttara Bhadrapad = Chhatra yog 
15.Thursday +Revati =Mitra yog 
16.Friday + Dhanishtha =Dhata yog 
17.Friday + Shatbhisha = Soumya Yog 
18.Friday + Uttara Bhadrpad =Ketu 
19.Friday + Revati =Shrivats Yog 
20.Saturday + Dhanishtha = Pravardh yog 
21.Saturday + Shatbhisha = Anand yog 
22. Saturday + Revati = Dhata yog 

CSarvarth Siddhi yog and Amrit Siddhi yog are also formed with the combination of a certain var (week day) and certain constellations.These two yog are considered auspicious for many auspicious tasks.
1.Formation of  Sarvarth Siddhi yog    
Sunday + Uttara Bhadrapad 
Tuesday +Uttara Bhadrapad 
Thursday + Revati 
Friday  + Revati 
2. Formation of Amrit  yog Siddhi yog :-
 Friday +Revati 

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