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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

(13.4.5) A list of Pooja Samagri (Puja material ) Common for all types of Hindu Pooja

A list of items used while doing Puja 

In Hinduism Pooja is a holy process to honour and worship the deity or deities by offering Pooja material like flowers, rice fruits etc. Here under is the list of the Pooja material which is used in all types of the Hindu Pooja. For particular Puja some more things are also required. 
Name of the item and quantity & number
> थाली  Thali (one)
> कुमकुम  Kum-kum (10 gms)
> मौली  (Red sacred thread) (100 gm.)
> पान  (Betel leaves) (eleven)
> सुपारी (Betel nut) (eleven)
> अक्षत (चाँवल ) (Rice) (100 gm.)
> अगरबत्ती (Incense sticks) (one packet)
> दीपक ( Deepak/ lamp) (one)
> घी (Ghee) (100 gm.)
> रुई (Cotton) (50 gm.)
> नारियल (Coconut) (eleven)
> गुड (Gud/ Jaggery) (250 gm.)
> पतासे (Patashe) (250 gm.)
> ऋतुफल (Fruits available in the season) (2 kg.)
> गुलाल (Gulal) (50 gm.)
> दूर्वा (Durva grass) (in a small quantity)
> रोली (Roli, red sacred powder) (50 gm.)
> कपूर (kapoor/camphor) 
> सरसों (Mustard) (50 gm.)
> प्रसाद (Prasad ) (500 gm.)
> इलाइची ( Cardamom) (10 gm. )
> लौंग (Lavang) (10 gm.)
> पुष्प (Flowers) (250 gm)
> पुष्प माला (Garlands) (five)
> कलश (Pot made of clay or copper) (one)
> लोठा (Lotha) (one)
> यज्ञोपवीत  (Janeo) (eleven)
> माचिस (Match box) (one)
> आम के पत्ते (Mango leaves) (eleven)
> इत्र (Scent) (in a small quantity)
> कटोरियाँ (Bowels) (five)
> पंचामृत ( दूध, दही, घी,शहद, शक्कर का मिश्रण ) (Panchamrit, a mixture of milk, curd, ghee, honey, sugar) ( each in a small quantity)
> and the most required things are worshiper's faith, devotion and reverence to the deity.
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(13.4.5) A list of Pooja samagri common for all types of Poojas

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