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Saturday, February 13, 2016

(6.4.8) What is prohibited in Panchak / What cannot be done during Panchak

What activities should not be done during Panchak Nakshtras / The prohibited activities during Panchak

Nakshtras have an important role in astrology. They are twenty seven in number. Panchak Nakshtras are a group of five Nakshtras out of 27 Nakshtras. 
During Panchak only the following five tasks are prohibited :-
1.Journey in the south direction.
2.Putting roof on the house (placing the RCC roof of the house).
3.Making a Charpai (A cot or a bed)
4.Collection of fuel ,particularly fire wood for using as fuel.
5.Cremation of a dead body.(Note - But cremating the dead body can not be avoided,so five dummy dead bodies are made of flour or Kush and they are burnt too. Shanti karm is also performed while burning the dead body.)
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