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Sunday, March 6, 2016

(6.4.10) Seasons in the Hindu Calendar / Hindu Ritus

Names of Hindu seasons/ Six seasons in Hindu calendar/ Which are the seasons in Hindu calendar 

In Hindu calendar there are six seasons. They are -
1. Vasant or Spring
Hindu lunar months - Chaitra and Vaisak months.
Hindu solar months - Meen and Mesh (when the sun is in Pisces and Aries)
2. Grishma or Summer
Hindu lunar months - Jyesth and Aashadh.
Hindu solar months - Vrish and Mithun (when the sun is in Taurus and Gemini)
3. Varsha or Monsoon - 
Hindu lunar months - Shrawan and Bhadrapad
Hindu solar months - Kark and Singh (when the sun is in Cancer and Leo)
4. Sharad or Autumn -
Hindu lunar months - Aashvin and Kartik.
Hindu solar months - Kanya and Tula (when the sun is in Virgo and Libra)
5. Hemant or Pre-winter -
Hindu lunar months - Margsheersh and Paush
Hindu solar months - Vrishak and Dhanu (when the sun is in Scorpio and Sagittarius )
6. Shishir or winter - 
Hindu lunar months - Magh and Phalgun
Hindu solar months - Makar and Kumbh(when the sun is in Capricorn and Aquarius )

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