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Friday, April 8, 2016

(13.5.1) Navratri wishes /Navratra Greetings/ Navratra SMS

Good wishes, greetings and SMS on the auspicious occasion of Navratra 

Naratra, the period of nine days, is considered very auspicious. It is the period of Aaraadhanaa, Upaasanaa and getting the blessings of Durga who is the goddess of power and strength. On this auspicious occasion share and send the SMS, good wishes and greetings.
> Salutations to goddess (Durga) who resides in all the beings in the form of mother, intelligence, prosperity, peace, faith, radiance, profession, memory, mercy and gratification. I bow down to her. I bow down to her. I bow down to her.
> Yaa Devi Sarva Bhooteshu Maa Rupen Sansthithaa.
> May this Navratra fill you with spiritual and moral strength !
> Wish you all happy Navratra.
> Accept my warm greetings on the occasion of Navratri.
> May goddess Durga light the lamp of happiness, knowledge and prosperity in your life !
> May goddess Durga remove the sufferings from everyone's life ! 
> May goddess remove negativity and fill everyone with positive attitude!  
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