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Sunday, April 24, 2016

(8.4.4) Gayantri Yantra for mental, spiritual and material progress

Gayarti Yantra गायत्री यन्त्र /The uses of Gayati Yantra / The benefits of Gayatri Yantra / Why one should worship Gayatri Yantra

What is Gayatri Yantra -
Gayatri Yantra is a Satvik Yantra which represents and symbolises Vedmata Gayatri. Like Gayatri Mantra, Gayatri Yantra is also considered auspicious and positive energy booster. By worshiping of this Yantra one can get all kinds of knowledge, peace and satisfaction by the grace of Gayatri. Gayantri Yantra can be placed in the Pooja room, at the office or at the place of business.
The benefits of Gayatri Yantra -
The following are the benefits of Gayantri Yantra -
> The pooja of Gayatri Yantra increases the will power and keeps the person enthusiastic.
>The worshiper feels mentally, physically and emotionally fit and strong.
> It enhances the spiritual power.
> The person follows the right path and never goes astray.
> Goddess Gayatri fills the person with peace, prosperity and perfection.
> It gives the sense of satisfaction.
> It creates harmonious environment in the family life.
> The householder leads a better and peaceful life and finds the solutions of the family related problems by the grace of goddess Gayatri.
> The businessman gets profit in his business.
> The pooja and darshan of the Gayatri Yantra increases the memory power and retention power of the students. They get success in the examinations.
> It removes the ill effects caused by evil spirits.
> It removes the negative energy from the place where it is kept and fills the place with positive energy and pleasant environment.
> Gayatri Yantra  fulfills the worldly desires of the worshiper.

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