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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

(8.3.11) Remedy for Debt Relief / Rin Mukti ke Upay

Remedial Measures for getting rid of debt / How to be free from debt ?

One borrows money for one reason or the other. But in some cases one finds it difficult to repay instalments of the borrowed amount in time. If this situation happens to someone, he must adopt one of the following remedial measures -
> One must chant the Ganesh Rin Mukti Stotra.
> Chant Daridra Dahan Shiva Stotra daily.
> Chant the Rin Mochan Mangal Stotra daily.
> Observe the fast on Pradosh in general and Bhaum Pradosh in particular.
> Repay the instalment of the borrowed money only on Tuesday.

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