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Friday, June 24, 2016

(6.7.5) Sun sign Aries, its Characteristics, Lucky number, Lucky color etc.

Sun sign Aries (Zodiac sign Aries)/ What are the common characteristics of Aries ? What are the lucky numbers and lucky colors of the person whose zodiac sign is Aries

Sun sign or Zodiac sign - Aries (Mesh)
21 March to 19 April
Ruling planet - Mars
Lucky colors - Red and white.
Lucky numbers - 9,18, 27,36, 45,54, 63, 72.
Lucky day - Tuesday.
Sign - The RAM is the sign of the pioneer an warrior leader.
Common Characteristics - Arians are extroverts, and like to their own master.They are the charmers. They have courage. They can become good leaders. They are usually eager to start an action.
The Aries personality is fiery and passionate with an urge to start a new action. They are dynamic. 

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