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Monday, August 22, 2016

(10.3.81) Bahula Chauth / Bahula Chaturthi / Bhaduri Chauth 2016

Bahula Choth / Bhaduri Chauth 2016

Bhadrapad Krishna Chaturthi is known as Bahula Chauth or Bahula Chaturthi or Bhadudi Chauth or Bhaduri Choth.
When is Bahula Chauth or Bhaduri Chauth in 2016 
In the year 2016 Bahula Chauth or Bhaduri Chauth is on Sunday, 21.08.2016.
Important things about Bahula Chaturthi -
> Bhadrapad Krishna Chaturthi is celebrated and known as Bahula Chaturthi.
> Women observe fast on this day. They break fast after viewing the Moon in the night. 

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