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Monday, August 29, 2016

(14.14.1) Folk deities/ Folk gods and goddesses

Folk gods and goddesses /Who are folk deities / Common things about folk deities

Who are called folk deities - Some saints and warriors do some unprecedented and miraculous deeds in their life time so they are designated as folk deities.
Common things about folk deities -The following are the common things about folk deities are as follows -
> Due to their miraculous task, people believe that they have supernatural powers.
> They used local dialect to preach people so that even common person can understand them.
> There are some deities who are equally worshiped by the Hindus as well as the Muslims.
> They worked for the uplifting of the people in general.
> Some of them sacrificed their lives for the protection of animals, trees and rights of the common people.
> They are still worshiped with faith and devotion.
> Fairs are held at different places in the owner of folk deities.
> Folk deities may be either male (folk gods) or female (folk goddesses).

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