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Friday, September 30, 2016

(8.2.30) Mantra (Shlok) for removing negative energy, evil spirit etc.

Remedial measure for dispelling Negative energy, for removing evil eyes effect and evil spirits 

The  following Shlok taken from the Geeta has the power to dispel the negative energy, can remove the evil effect of black magic, evil spirits etc. The Shlok is given below -
Sthaane  hrisheekesh tav prakeertyaa jagatprahrishyatyanurajyate cha .
Rakshaansi bheetaani disho dravanti sarve namasyanti cha siddhasanghaah .(Geeta 11/36)
स्थाने हृषीकेश तव प्रकीर्त्या जगत्प्रहृष्यत्यनुरज्यते च।
रक्षांसि भीतानि दिशो द्रवन्ति सर्वे नमस्यन्ति च सिद्ध संघा:
Meaning - Arjun said : Lord, the universe exults and is filled with love by chanting Your names, virtues and glory and the terrified demons are fleeing in all directions and all the hosts of Sddhaas are bowing to You.
Note - When one feels that the place is filled with negative energy, one should chant this  shlok for ten times. If any person is under the bad effect of evil spirit, take some water in the pot, chant this shlok at least 100 times and give him (the affected person)  to drink the abhimantrit water. 

(14.3.19) Tulsi plant / Importance of Tulsi

What is the importance of Tulsi plant ? / Why is Tulsi considered holy ? / Tulsi plant

Imortant things about Tulsi plant -
> Tulsi is also known as Vrinda, Vishnu Vallabha, Hari Priya, Vaishnavi etc.

> Tulsi is mainly of two kinds - green colored Tulsi which is known as Ram Tulsi and pulple colored Tulsi which is known as Krishna Tulsi.
> Tulsi is considered as a holy plant by the Hindu community.
> Tulsi is very dear to lord Vishnu.
> Malas for Mantra Jap is also made of dry branches of the Tulsi plant.
> The person who waters the Tulsi plant daily and lights a Deepak (lamp) near it, is free from sins and Dev Dosh.
> The person who worships the Tulsi plant with faith and devotion, gets a lot of spiritual ans material benefits.
> Tulsi plant removes the Vastu Dosh of the house if there is any.
> Tulsi plant does not have only a religious value but also has medicinal value. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

(12.3.3) Qualities of a student to get success / Kak cheshta, bako dhyanam

Five virtues of a student /Vidhyaarthi ke paanch lakshan/ Kak cheshta, bako dhyanam / What are the five qualities of a student? 

To get success a student must have the following five qualities -
Kaak cheshtaa, Bako dhyaanam,
Swaan nidraa tathaiva cha.
Alpahaaree, Griha tyaagee,
Vidyaarthi panch lakshanam.
> A student must have a strong desire to achieve his /she goal like that of a crow.
> He/she must have concentration of mind like that of a crane.
> He/she must be a light sleeper like a dog. His/her sleep should be like that of a dog.
> He/she must be a light eater. He/she must avoid eating too much.
> A student must not be homesick. He/She must not take part in household affairs nor must he/she have emotional attachment with his/her family members till his/her study period is over.
These are the five qualities or virtues of a student.  

Sunday, September 11, 2016

(7.1.11) Idam Na Mama / What does mean by "Idam Na Mama"

इदं न मम / Idam Na Mama / An idea of getting mental peace

Meaning of "Idam Na Mama"/ "इदं न मम"  का अर्थ -
The meaning of "Idam Na Mama" is that  "This is not mine or it does not belong to me." In other words it can be said that whatever exits in this world belongs to God.
The individual must practise this idea or principle in his/her daily life.The things, the property or valuable articles we possess  were once belonged to somebody else, now they are ours and in future they will belong to somebody else. We are not the permanent possessor of anything. We are only the caretaker.
Benefits of having the idea of Idam Na Mama -
The present age which is full of stress, tension, anxiety, nervousness, worry, ego  etc., this idea or thought or concept i.e. "Na Idam Mam" can help everyone to live a stress or tension free life. By having this idea in mind one can have happiness and peace of mind and consequently can make progress in every field of life. 
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(14.3.18) Bilva Patra / Benefits of offering Bilvapatra to Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva and Bilva Patra  / Important things about Bilvapatra / Why Bilva leaves are offered to Lord Shiva 

Bilva Patra ( the leaves of Bel trees ) are very dear to lord Shiva. So He is offered Bilva Patra to please Him.
Important things about Bilva Patra - 
> Bilva Patra or Bel Patra is an important item for the Puja of Lord Shiva
> The leaf of this tree having Tridal ( three leaves or trifoliate) is the symbol of  three chief Gods of the Hindus - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.
> The person who offers Bilva leaves to Lord Shiva, He (Lord Shiva) blesses him / her and fulfills his / her desires.
> The Bilva leaves should not have holes in them nor should they be broken. They should have three leaflets. 
> Offering Bilvapatra to Lord Shiva washes away the sins which are committed in the last three lives.
> In case a new or fresh Bilva leaf is not available, the same leaf offered previously can be reused after sprinkling a little water on it.
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Saturday, September 3, 2016

(8.1) Practical hints for using Remedial Measures / Why to use spirituality remedies

Practical hints for using remedial measures /Importance of Remedial Measures / Remedial measures / What are Remedial Measures / Why to use remedial measures 

Why to Use Spiritual Remedies  
Remedial Measures For Different Problems
Everyone has one problem or the other in this physical world (materialistic world) Hindu scriptures suggest a few remedies or upay to remove (uproot) these problems to a great extent. The remedies are in different forms such as, yagya, mantra, meditation, yog, yantra, charity, fast, service, worship and prayer etc.
If they are properly done (or performed) as per given guide lines, they will give you peace of mind ,show you the right path, fill you with new zeal and help you remove or root out the problems you are facing. You will enjoy and experience positive results as lacs of people have already experienced.    
These measures (upay) or remedies have gone through the test of time. Whereas the question of the proof of their power it is up to the person( practitioner) who uses them having full faith and great patience. For getting better result the person must bear the following shloka in mind -
                 Mantre, Tirthe, Dwije, Deve, Devegya, Bheshje, Guru,
                 Yadrisho bhavana yasya siddhirbhavti tadrisho.
Meaning: The achievement or result is always according to the faith and belief of a person (practitioner) in the mantra, the place of pilgrimage, the Brahmin, the god,the astrologer,the physician(doctor) and the Guru(teacher).
May all be free from diseases,                   
May all realize what is good,
May none be subject to misery.
May all be happy.
N.B. - (1)  Your use of this site is at your sole risk.
(    (2) All information and material provided on the site is on ‘As is’ and ‘As available’ basis. So we make no warranty that -
(A)the results that may be obtained from the use of this site will be cent percent accurate and reliable though the previous experience and feedback have shown the encouraging results and we and the users are much satisfied with them.
(B)  the quality of any information or material obtained from this site will fulfil your expectations or requirements.
The site will not be liable for any direct or indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential damages in respect to the information, services or material provided here. 
(2) Before practicing or using any of the remedial measures given by us, please read the disclaimer

(14.15.2) Sarswati Mantra Jap Vidhi / Process Of Sarswati Mantra Jap

Saraswati Mantra Jap Vidhi / सरस्वती मंत्र जप विधि/ Process of Saraswati Mantra Jap 

After getting fresh from your daily routine in the morning, sit on a rug facing east or north in a separate room or at any suitable place.Keep a framed picture of goddess Saraswati in front of you. Close your eyes and have the feeling that goddess Saraswati is wearing white clothes. She has a book and a Veena (a musical instrument) in her hands.She is sitting on a beautiful lotus flower. Great sages and even Lord Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh also praise her. I pray to such a goddess Saraswati to remove my ignorance and make my intelligence sharp.
After this feeling Jap (repeat or chant) the  Mantra at least 108 times (one Mala) or 324 times (three Malas) or 540 times (five Malas) or 756 times (seven Malas) or 1080 times (ten malas) everyday. The more you do, the better it is. The minimum number of times of the  mantra has to be recited to give expected results is 125000 (one lac twenty five thousand). Chant the Mantra with utmost devotion and faith to get your wishes fulfilled. 
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(14.15.1) Sarswati Mantra for getting success in interview

Mantra for getting success in interview / Sarswati mantra for enhancing speech power

Sarswati is the goddesses of learning, music, speech, intellect and arts etc. The following Mantra is attributed to goddesses Sarswati. This Mantra increases the power of speech, knowledge and skill and as a result the person gets success in interview or other personality tests.
For general purpose the person must chant this Mantra 108 times everyday and for a special or for a particular purpose the person must chant this Mantra 540 times or 756 times everyday for about 41 days. Follow the Vidhi or process of Sarswati Mantra Jap.
The Mantra is -
"Om Hreem Vaagvaadinee Bhagavatee Mam Kaarya Siddhi kari kari Phat Swaahaa."
" ॐ ह्रीं वाग्वादिनी भगवती मम कार्य सिद्धि करि करि फट स्वाहा "
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Thursday, September 1, 2016

(14.14.2) Folk gods of Rajasthan

List of folk gods of Rajasthan / Who are the folk gods of Rajasthan

The following are some of the important folk gods of Rajasthan -
> Ramdev ji
- Ramdev ji belonged to the Tanwar family of Rajpoot. He was born in 1332 A.D. He is known as the incarnation of Lord Krishna. Muslims call him Ramsa Peer.
> Pabu ji
> Harabhu ji
> Meha ji
> Goga ji
> Teja ji
>  Devaji
> Mallinath ji
> Ishardasji
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