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Friday, September 16, 2016

(12.3.3) Qualities of a student to get success / Kak cheshta, bako dhyanam

Five virtues of a student /Vidhyaarthi ke paanch lakshan/ Kak cheshta, bako dhyanam / What are the five qualities of a student? 

To get success a student must have the following five qualities -
Kaak cheshtaa, Bako dhyaanam,
Swaan nidraa tathaiva cha.
Alpahaaree, Griha tyaagee,
Vidyaarthi panch lakshanam.
> A student must have a strong desire to achieve his /she goal like that of a crow.
> He/she must have concentration of mind like that of a crane.
> He/she must be a light sleeper like a dog. His/her sleep should be like that of a dog.
> He/she must be a light eater. He/she must avoid eating too much.
> A student must not be homesick. He/She must not take part in household affairs nor must he/she have emotional attachment with his/her family members till his/her study period is over.
These are the five qualities or virtues of a student.  

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