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Saturday, September 3, 2016

(14.15.2) Sarswati Mantra Jap Vidhi / Process Of Sarswati Mantra Jap

Saraswati Mantra Jap Vidhi / सरस्वती मंत्र जप विधि/ Process of Saraswati Mantra Jap 

After getting fresh from your daily routine in the morning, sit on a rug facing east or north in a separate room or at any suitable place.Keep a framed picture of goddess Saraswati in front of you. Close your eyes and have the feeling that goddess Saraswati is wearing white clothes. She has a book and a Veena (a musical instrument) in her hands.She is sitting on a beautiful lotus flower. Great sages and even Lord Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh also praise her. I pray to such a goddess Saraswati to remove my ignorance and make my intelligence sharp.
After this feeling Jap (repeat or chant) the  Mantra at least 108 times (one Mala) or 324 times (three Malas) or 540 times (five Malas) or 756 times (seven Malas) or 1080 times (ten malas) everyday. The more you do, the better it is. The minimum number of times of the  mantra has to be recited to give expected results is 125000 (one lac twenty five thousand). Chant the Mantra with utmost devotion and faith to get your wishes fulfilled. 
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