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Sunday, September 11, 2016

(14.3.18) Bilva Patra / Benefits of offering Bilvapatra to Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva and Bilva Patra  / Important things about Bilvapatra / Why Bilva leaves are offered to Lord Shiva 

Bilva Patra ( the leaves of Bel trees ) are very dear to lord Shiva. So He is offered Bilva Patra to please Him.
Important things about Bilva Patra - 
> Bilva Patra or Bel Patra is an important item for the Puja of Lord Shiva
> The leaf of this tree having Tridal ( three leaves or trifoliate) is the symbol of  three chief Gods of the Hindus - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.
> The person who offers Bilva leaves to Lord Shiva, He (Lord Shiva) blesses him / her and fulfills his / her desires.
> The Bilva leaves should not have holes in them nor should they be broken. They should have three leaflets. 
> Offering Bilvapatra to Lord Shiva washes away the sins which are committed in the last three lives.
> In case a new or fresh Bilva leaf is not available, the same leaf offered previously can be reused after sprinkling a little water on it.
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