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Friday, September 30, 2016

(14.3.19) Tulsi plant / Importance of Tulsi

What is the importance of Tulsi plant ? / Why is Tulsi considered holy ? / Tulsi plant

Imortant things about Tulsi plant -
> Tulsi is also known as Vrinda, Vishnu Vallabha, Hari Priya, Vaishnavi etc.

> Tulsi is mainly of two kinds - green colored Tulsi which is known as Ram Tulsi and pulple colored Tulsi which is known as Krishna Tulsi.
> Tulsi is considered as a holy plant by the Hindu community.
> Tulsi is very dear to lord Vishnu.
> Malas for Mantra Jap is also made of dry branches of the Tulsi plant.
> The person who waters the Tulsi plant daily and lights a Deepak (lamp) near it, is free from sins and Dev Dosh.
> The person who worships the Tulsi plant with faith and devotion, gets a lot of spiritual ans material benefits.
> Tulsi plant removes the Vastu Dosh of the house if there is any.
> Tulsi plant does not have only a religious value but also has medicinal value. 

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